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Mark Busby, Author of the Village

Mark Busby is an Anglo-Canadian author who came of age in thatcheresque England. Mark’s affection for life brings a certain quirkiness to his storytelling readers enjoy. Mark draws upon his experientially rich life for inspiration, including explorations of post-authoritarian Asia and East Europe, as well as the receding democracies of North America and Europe.


Having failed miserably in the field of engineering Mark’s trajectory altered significantly after a life-changing vehicle accident in early adulthood. Afterward, Mark found himself on the payroll at a large Victorian psychiatric hospital, then running 'western' newspapers into former Soviet territories, repairing houses in Canada’s north, volunteering with Indonesian NGOs, and getting to know many, many delightful people along the way.


Mark has active interests in Existential Counselling, Philosophy, and Phenomenology and is a member of the Existential Analysis Society of Canada. Today, Mark lives with his family on Vancouver Island.

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