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Mark Busby, The Village book cover

ISBN: 978-0-9952399-0-6

The Village

 Author  Mark Andrew Busby


In The Village ordinary things appeared ordinary only so far as they were not noticed.


When Robert Middlefinger walked into Abdul’s corner shop on the Village’s biggest day of the year, little could either have known how entwined their lives would become. What’s more, the discovery of Mrs. Shepherd’s near-lifeless body that evening could do little but confirm the deep-rooted strangeness of the place. Who’d attacked her? Why? Where would it all end?


In a story opening on an ‘ordinary’ day in 1976, Mark Busby offers the reader a balcony from which to observe the intrigues of village life unfurl. With refreshingly dark humour, Busby mediates the subliminal space between hope and possibility, sanity and madness, optimism and dystopia, to deliver us a throng of provocative characters that possess little admiration for the social roles tossed upon them.

Christmas Village1 (Medium).jpg

In this riotous bonus chapter written for 2018 Mark Busby turns the clock forward fifteen years returning to The Village with his trademark humor and popular characters like  Chief Constable Flint, Farquhar, Bishop Middlefinger, and Officer Fly, who must outfox the ‘Watchers’ to get four very important 'guests' home in time for Christmas.


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ISBN: 978-0-9952399-6-8

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