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In The Village, ordinary things appear ordinary only so far as they are not noticed.


During the night before the night before Christmas people are tossed from their beds as Air Force One plows into the John Tripper Memorial Airstrip during a crash landing. With the President and three Heads of State on board Chief Constable Flint must have his wits about him if he’s to keep the unwanted visitors out of sight until help arrives. But he’s not the only one interested in the mysterious occupants. With its powers fully consolidated, the shady ‘New Paradigm’ government have their people out looking too. Where could they be? Who will get there first? How will it all end?


In this riotous bonus chapter written for 2018 Mark Busby turns the clock forward fifteen years returning to The Village with his trademark humor and popular characters like Farquhar, Bishop Middlefinger, and Officer Fly, who must lend Flint a hand if he’s to outfox the ‘Watchers’ and get everyone home in time for Christmas.  

Christmas At The Village

  • Enjoy your new read by simply downloading the digital file and away you go!


    5000 words. 

    E- Book ISBN: 978-0-9952399-6-8



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