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  • Mark A. Busby.

Holocaust 2019

Holocaust Memorial Day, January 27, 2019.

A recent poll commissioned in Britain reveals one in 20 British adults do not believe the Holocaust happened, while a survey in Canada found nearly half of Canadians cannot name a single concentration camp, and 22 percent of young Canadians haven't heard of the Holocaust. During the small hours of an otherwise unremarkable night in 1994, I drove close by the Auschwitz concentration camp making my way into the Czech Republic and beyond delivering lively-looking newspapers. In the pitch dark of night, the visceral effects of passing the place were disorienting, overpowering even as if trespassing at an hour reserved only for ghosts.

I can’t understand it not stopping there; that even today there are deniers of holocausts and proponents of genocide among us still.

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