Mark A. Busby

Consultant, Educator &


  • Coaching and Leadership Support
  • Organizational Planning and Facilitation
  • Personal and Professional Development Workshops
  • Writing





 Mark makes a great addition to any project whether it’s in the corporate, non-profit or civic community


Living on Vancouver Island, Mark is the author of two published books and several works of poetry. He has an active interest in Existential Counselling, Philosophy, and Phenomenology and is a serving board member at the Existential Analysis Society of Canada.

Mark A. Busby, MSc.
Dip. Man. Cert. Ed.

An experienced executive director, facilitator, adult educator, trainer, author, and coach Mark has over 30 years of experience in community and non-profit organizations, including international experience, often leading projects with terrific results!

Skilled in non-profit management and leadership, Mark consults on strategy and operations, initiates and designs programs, services, partnerships, research, seminars, workshops, forums and round-table meetings for clients, boards, and employers. He has written more than one successful funding proposal!


Mark is a compassionate, energetic and ethical individual whose values correspond with helping people to find and live a meaningful life.



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